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Life moves really fast.

Many people wake up and wonder what happened in the last six months. But there is a different way to live! Time spent intentionally reflecting on the past, the present day, and the future can help you live a better story with your life.

Where were you a year ago?

This may feel like an impossible question to answer. If you are like so many others who are just beginning the process of intentional reflection, you may feel like your life is too boring or lacks significance to spend time reflecting on and documenting the details. Or time could be such a precious commodity that spending a few hours once a year reflecting on your journey may feel like a poor investment.

Yet nothing could be farther from the truth! Your story absolutely matters. The world needs you to be fully you!

The Reflection Ritual was designed to be used on an annual basis while maximizing learning and impact with a minimal time investment through guided exercises that are both fun and meaningful. The Ritual is composed of three guided sections that allow you to process the past year, the present day, and to create an intentional plan for the year ahead.

Only you can create the life you long for! Intentional reflection is the first step to taking ownership of the creating process. The hardest step is the first one!

But you can do this…