We just passed our Kickstarter goal!

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We Did It!

Over $3000 raised by over 50 backers!

I am both humbled and completely blown away by how much excitement there is around the Reflection Ritual Journal. Clearly, people are excited about our mission to help people live better stories!


I know it is risky to ask if we can do more, but that is what I am proposing we do. More funding means more journals can be produced and more people can be introduced to this life-changing resource. More funding will allow me to plan Reflection Ritual release parties this fall!

Can we stretch to $7500!?!? My heart is pounding, but I think we can!

Keep sharing out the Kickstarter video with your friends, families, and co-workers! Be sure to tag people you know would really benefit from the Reflection Ritual.

With the deepest gratitude-

Ben Messner, Founder

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