I bought a Reflection Journal…now what do I do?

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So you either donated to the Reflection Ritual Kickstarter campaign or purchased a Reflection Journal through the website…and now the Journal has arrived on your doorstep (or mailbox, desk, PO Box…you get it).

You may be asking, “NOW WHAT DO I DO?”

My advice, “Just Begin!”

Here are 5 steps to get you started!

Step #1: Make a date with your Reflection Ritual Journal.

Schedule a few hours to complete the Reflection Ritual before the end of 2018!

Step #2: (For Parents) Schedule a babysitter NOW.

Don’t wait. Text your top 3 options and get some child care. You will neither enjoy the Ritual nor be able to complete if your attention is divided by your lovely mini-humans. (PS. I am a father…I get it).

Step #3: Pick the right spot.

The spot doesn’t have to be perfect but it does need to be right. Where can you relax and actually think? Do you have a favorite coffee shop or maybe a room in your house where you do your best soul searching? It may be at a cabin in a beautiful spot or a bench by a river. The goal is to minimize the distractions so you can engage the Ritual.

Step #4: Do not over think it!

The Journal begins with one simple, open ended question: “Where were you a year ago?”

This may feel like an impossible question to answer. Like learning any new skill, the process of reflecting on your life can feel awkward and a bit clunky at first. The first time can be challenging, but once you get comfortable with the “mechanics” then the process becomes easier.

**Check out the Recommendations page at the front of your Journal for more ideas!**

Step #5: Your Story Matters!

Just remember, if you are like so many other first-timers, you may feel like your life is too boring or lacks significance to spend time reflecting on and documenting the details.Yet nothing could be far ther from the truth! Your story absolutely matters.

The world needs you to be fully you! Only you can create the life you long for! Intentional reflection is the first step to taking ownership of the creating process.

The hardest step is the first one….

But you can do this…

Just begin!


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