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 In Sharing Our Story

I sat down with the How Humans Change podcast team to share how my family and I navigated three major life changes over the past 18 months. It was a powerful experience to reflect on our journey, which started in June 2017, when we faced 3 major transitions all in the same month.

  1. We moved out out of New York City which had been our home for over 8 years…
  2. We traveled to Ohio to have our first child (while living in my parents’ home)…
  3. I made a career pivot from non-profit to…well you will need to listen to the podcast to hear the whole story!

I also take some time to share how during this period of massive change I decided to launch the Reflection Ritual as a product to the world!

You can check out the podcast here, and make sure to subscribe to catch future episodes.

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