Why Honoring Loss Is So Dang Hard!

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One of the richest, yet most challenging, sections of the Reflection Ritual experience is the section titled “Honoring Loss.” Humans, at least the ones I know, tend to avoid the topic of loss like they avoid discussing politics with their grandparents! I mean, when was the last time you opened up a conversation at brunch by asking, “So what are the losses you experienced this year that you need to honor?” or “Did you lose anything recently that really impacted you deeply?”

Loss is hard. As I wrote in the Reflection Ritual Journal, “If you are honest with yourself, then you may admit that there are things you wish had not occurred this year.

Oftentimes regret or loss can steal your joy and shift your perspective. But it does not need to own you.” As I have become more comfortable remembering and honoring the losses in my life, I have found that I have become more present in hard moments as they occur in real time and better able to navigate the moment.

The Reflection Ritual Journal challenges you to remember the people that left this world in the past year, the attitudes and behaviors that have caused loss, and the dreams not yet realized. By remembering and honoring these people, experiences, and moments I believe you will find they have less power over you.


Take a deep breath! You can do this.

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