Are you terrible at celebrating yourself?

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It is my birthday today! Let the celebrations begin.

Learning to let others celebrate me has been a work in progress.  For years I struggled with receiving love from others, letting people cheer me on and affirm me, and letting the attention be on me now and then. I love my birthday as it is the one day in the year that I completely relax and allow others to celebrate me.

Does this resonate? Are you terrible at celebrating yourself or allowing others to party on your behalf?

Why do we struggle in this area? I don’t believe this has anything to do with humility…rather it is more about acknowledging you are worthy of being celebrated! 

This is why I made celebration a signature piece of the Reflection Ritual Journal. The goal of the Reflection Ritual is to help people live a better story with their lives. One way to do that is by celebrating the small victories you achieve. As you begin to take small steps toward living a great story you can pause and celebrate each one.

The more comfortable you get with celebration will only enhance your ability to authentically celebrate those around you. Joy and gratitude are contagious.


Now…lets get back to the celebration!

 Thanks @AnneSpratte and @Unsplash for the cover photo!
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