Monday Mantra: I am open to connection & possibility

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“I am open to connection & possibility.” And not the kind that require a wi-fi password or screen and keyboard of any sort. 

Ask yourself this: when you walk into a coffee shop or restaurant, do you make eye contact with the person leaving as you enter? Or do you keep your head down as you hustle toward the counter? Do you nod and wave to the mail carrier as you pull out of your driveway, or command Siri to dial up your first call of the day without looking in their direction? At work, when you grab a quick bite between meetings, do you ask the other person at your table how their day is going, or what they’re looking forward to that week?

These seem like minuscule tasks and easy enough to do, but do we do them?

Instead of paying attention and being present in such simple moments, we move fast, always onto the next thing. We attach ourselves to tasks and timelines and orient the way we move in the world by how much we can accomplish within our waking hours. By doing so, we miss the opportunity to open ourselves up to the possibility of what a human connection can offer. Tasks and timelines are valid enough, but do they write chapters in the stories we live?

Certainly, they have a place, but they are not our entire existence. We will likely

recall interesting conversations and meaningful experiences more fondly than

conference calls and spreadsheets. So, where can we shift and how can we invest a little more of ourselves into these moments?

Today we strive for attention, but rarely allow ourselves to be truly seen. A little more raw and vulnerable than perhaps we might like, something as simple as eye contact with another person says, “I see you. I acknowledge your presence. You have a place here.” This is connection. When you ask a question with sincere curiosity: “What are you looking forward to this week? Where are you hoping to travel to soon?” This is possibility. You allow yourself to discover something about someone else, to learn where they are in their story. In turn, you gain insight and reflection about your own experiences, your own story.

Choosing to stay open to connection and possibility is a declaration: you are willing to be an active participant in the story you live, to do the work that requires you to show up with eyes wide, mind open, heart ready and available.  


Guest Contributor: Serenity Messner (RYT 500, Instructor/Writer/Human) 
You can find more of her work here

Photo by Ali Morshedlou on Unsplash

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